AOGT004: Student Mentoring and Support with Amanda Gesing

AOGT004: Student Mentoring and Support with Amanda Gesing

Summary of Show

Amanda Gesing, director of advocacy at Chautuauqua Striders, a non-profit mentoring agency talks with us about supporting student success outside of the classroom.

Amanda Gesing has a wealth of experience in mentoring and passion for her job.  While she is a social worker and does not sit in a classroom, her excitement about education, her work and her volunteers shine throughout this interview.  Are you looking for a way to support your local students without being inside of the classroom?  Mentoring may be a perfect solution for you!


Chautauqua Striders
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In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • What an Organization Like Striders Provides to a Community
  • The Impacts That Mentoring have on Students
  • The Challenges That a Tutor May Face
  • How To Become a Tutor or To Support a Mentoring Program

Tip of the Day:

Your students are REAL people!  Many educators fail to take into account what happens outside of the classroom as having an impact on their students’ success.  I know that I have forgotten to think outside of my classroom on occasion.  However, our student may be dealing with far more than a dog eating his or her homework, and we should be able to link these students with resources that will give them a chance to succeed.

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