AOGT003: Power 800 SAT Course and Tutoring with Huzefa Kapadia

Summary of Show

In this episode of the Art of Good Teaching Podcast, Huzefa Kapadia, founder of Scalar Learning.  He is a math enthusiast who has developed math courses that “crack the code” of how to be successful on the math portion of the SATs.

Huzefa didn’t set out to be a teacher, in fact, it fell upon him naturally.  He is a person who has an affinity for math and for helping others with math problem.  Once you hear him speak, you will know that it is hard to contain his passion.

Listen to this episode to find out how Huzefa has built resources that can even help you with your math problems!


Power 800 SAT Math
24 Days to Multiplication Mastery 
Scalar Learning
10 Ways To Stop Classroom Disruptions NOW!

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In this Episode You Will Learn:

Who Huzefa Kapadia is and what he has to share with you.
That Educators Come in Many Forms, Some Even Teach Exclusively Online
What Is and How It Can Be Helpful To You
How Crucial a Good Relationship and Good Communication Are to the Learning Process

Tip of the Day:

Meet your students where they are.  Huzefa spends a ton of time actually speaking with his students.  He gets to know them and connects with them.  In order for him to be a good teacher and facilitator, he has to have the trust of his students and he does!  Get to know your students, you will be surprised  at what they are willing to accomplish for you when they trust you.

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