AOGT002: Every Student is an Individual and So Are You with Jessica Golley

AOGT 002: Every Student is an Individual and So Are You with Jessica Golley

Summary of Show

In this episode of the Art of Good Teaching Podcast, Jessica Golley, a full-time faculty member at a for-profit college talks about her classroom and how her students find success.  Your Tip of the Day: Have a Plan B!

Jessica Golley is a full-time instructor at the college level.  She has been teaching at Jamestown Business College since 2009.  Jessica  teaches a variety of courses, from marketing to critical thinking. In current and in past positions, Jessica designed and delivered professional development seminars. 
Jessica did not take a traditional path into the education field. Prior to becoming a full-time faculty member, she had worked in the marketing field for about ten years – in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Listen to this episode to find out how she made the jump into a full-time faculty position.


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In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • Who Jessica Golley is and what she has to share with you.
  • That the For-Profit Sector of Higher Education has It’s Good Parts
  • How Starting Where You Are Might Be Just Be Perfect
  • Why It’s Important For You To Enjoy Your Classroom Too

Tip of the Day:

Have a Plan B!  Unexpected things happen all the time in the classroom and you owe it to your students to be ready to switch gears.  When you aren’t cramming several lessons into a short amount of time at the end of the term, your students will thank you!

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