Photo of Gretchen Lindell

Photo of Gretchen Lindell

Who Is Gretchen Lindell?

I’m Gretchen Lindell. I’m a 30-something educator originally from New Jersey, who now resides in western New York.  My entire career has been in higher education.  After many years of hard work, I became the dean of a small business college.  In addition to my career, I have two young children (two and six years old) and a husband with whom I cannot spend enough time.  As my title continued to grow over the years, so did my responsibilities away from home.  The time away was slowly breaking my heart, because I was missing watching my kids grow up.

So, in January 2014, I left my high profile job in education to take a behind the scenes job in marketing.  This new position has allowed me to refocus my career energies and to create this website.


In 1999, I earned a BA in communications from the University of Massachusetts, and in 2004, I received an EdM in educational media and technology from Boston University (BU). While in Boston, I worked for BU in university relations and at the school of education. In 2004, I moved to NY and became a faculty member at Jamestown Business College and a wife. I taught various business courses. In 2008, I gave birth to my first angel and took a break from teaching to focus on being a mother. During this time, I worked from home as a website designer.

Like so many others in 2009, my husband was laid off.  Without much of a choice, I pleaded for my teaching job back, with one caveat…I wanted to serve as the EdTech for the college; the college accepted me back. Over the years, I transitioned to the dean of the college. While dean, I focused on developing a strong faculty, stellar communication, and strong curriculum. I redesigned the Intranet, the college’s website, and internal processes. In 2012, I welcomed my second angel to the world. Just like many other moms out there, I juggle my career and my life at home. Now, I’m writing, working in marketing, and focusing on my family.


With this website, I want be of service to you.  Over the years I have spent in education, I have seen the very best and worst of what educators have to offer their students.  I want you to gain from my observations and insights.  I want you to be the best of what education has to offer.

Teachers come in all shapes and sizes.  There are traditional teachers (the ones inside of the classroom); there are parents as teachers (home school) and homework tutors; there are trainers; there are managers; and even business professionals who need to teach the public about their products.  All teachers will benefits from the information I will share in this website.  I will do the best I can to stay directed with my messaging and to provide you resources to help you execute your lessons appropriately.

You do not need to be a genius to be a good teacher, but you do need to wrap your head around some fundamentals.  I will give you the answers and resources you need to be the best teacher you can possibly be.  I want you to feel comfortable to rely on me as a resource.  If I don’t know the answer for which you search, I will point you in the right direction.  Use the information provided on this site to get better at your craft and share your success with others.   Basically, pay it forward.

Thank you for reading this; I look forward to our work together.

🙂 Gretchen

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